How to Style Graphic Tees

How to Style Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees are my favorite to wear when I don’t know what top I should put on. They come in different styles, shapes, colors, designs, etc. Fashion is all about trying new things and seeing what works out for you. Without trial and error, you’ll never know what looks works out for you.

Graphic tees comes in handy when I can’t think of what else to wear. It is simple to style, it’s comfortable, and fun to try with different pieces of clothings. Graphic tees can be worn for different occasions (e.g. every day, party, and even to work).

1) Jeans

This is a common look and simple to pull off. Any graphic tee works with whatever jeans you wear (straight, wide leg, boyfriend, etc). It is comfortable, easy to style, and an everyday wear.

Basic Petite Outfit; Graphic tee + jeans

Basic Petite Outfit; Graphic tee + jeans

2) Skirts

This is another look that also works well with graphic tees. Skirts can give a more elevated look when pairing with a graphic tee. It is simple, chic, and elegant. When it comes to pairing with a graphic tee, you want the skirt to either be a bold color, neutral color, denim, lace, prints, or colored, But be careful when pairing graphic tees with a statement skirt as it may be “too much” of a look. Statement skirts are best styled with neutral colors, but it is all about trial and error. Some graphic tees goes well with a statement skirt, giving you an elegant look.

Graphic tee + skirt

Graphic tee + skirt

3) Blazers

Blazers give a sophisticated look when wearing with a graphic tee. Blazers also give a “work” outfit vibe. Every workplace has a dress code. Some may be business casual while others can be casual as long as it is appropriate. If your workplace has a casual dress code, then pairing a graphic tee with a blazer is your go to outfit. It will give an edgy look and allow your co-workers to know your personality depending on the graphic tee of your choice.

Even if it’s not for work, styling a graphic tee with a blazer can be an everyday look. It’s chic and stylish.

Graphic tee + blazer


4) Leather Pants

Leather pants + graphic tee also works well! They come in all styles and shapes, such as skinny, flare, culottes, zipper, etc. They are not only comfy and stretchable, but it adds an edgy look to your outfit, even if you didn’t put any effort.


Graphic tee + leather pant

5) Suits

To all the boss ladies out there! Graphic tee + suit pairing gives a new distinctive look. Graphic tees pairs well with a matching suit/monochrome suit. It gives another look to your business look and help bring a fun vibe to a traditional work environment.

Graphic tees can be styled with almost any piece of clothing. It is comfortable, versatile, and they help elevate the look. Whenever I am in a rush or having a hard time picking a top to go with the bottoms, I reach for one of my graphic tees. As I mentioned above, they are simple to style, comfortable, and versatile making me feel that I put an “effort” in my look. You can never go wrong with a graphic tees.

Graphic tee + suits

Graphic tee + suits

How would you style your graphic tee?



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